Adoption Application

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Thanks for your interest in adopting!

During these difficult times adoptions are moving very fast and we are working to respond as quickly as possible to get our cats into their forever homes.

There is a chance that the cat you are inquiring about may already have an application, but we will do our best to find you the perfect fit.

At this time we can only process adoptions to Brooklyn and nearby areas of Queens and Manhattan.

Applications from other boroughs and states will not be processed.

As always, we DO NOT adopt out single kittens and any applications for a single kitten will be ignored.

No need to follow up via email or phone -- we promise that we are working as fast as possible to get our cats home!

Please note that we do not adopt out single kittens unless you have an age-approriate feline at home.

Contact Information

We are only adopting to Brooklyn and nearby areas of Queens and Manhattan at this time. Applications from other boroughs and states will not be processed.

Housing Information

Household Information

If you're not sure about allergies, please confirm with a physician before the adoption.

Other Pet Information

Employment Information

Looking Forward...


References are now a much bigger part of our application process than before and we really want to hear about you as a person. These references do not need to be work related (although they can be) -- friends, former roommates, neighbors are all great. References should NOT be family members, current roommates or significant others (please do not list your mother! Please include 3 people and their email addresses UNLESS they really don't email (which is totally fine, some folks don't) -- emailing helps us process applications faster. Please do not put N/A or leave a reference blank, instead wait a little longer to submit your application and think about someone else who can tell us about how great you are.

And Finally...

Note: We require an adoption donation to contribute to the care of future rescues. Your donation is not a fee as it does not cover the costs associated with rescuing each cat, but instead contributes to our ability to continue our rescue work.